Students’ Voices (Testimonials)

The first step at PSS was like stepping into a completely new world to me. Excited but more nervous. Didn’t know how soon all turned out into such moments that I probably will never experience again. It was the right decision I had made for me. PSS taught me to rise from failure and achieve heights I was unknown to. It made a beautiful way for me to move ahead and choose the right direction of life. There’s no shortcut to success. College is one of the necessary predictive of your future success. You just know which is the right path to choose to get the result you desire. So just work hard and be positive. Thanks to all PSS family for making me what I am today.

Rakshya Giri
Grade XI Humanities Topper 2074 (3.70 GPA)

I was interested to study management after SEE. As a resident of Pokhara, I was in confusion to find out an appropriate college to pursue my study of my interest. After wondering around renowned academic cities of the nation, I ended up in PSS. Now, after completing my two year in PSS, I am fully satisfied and happy with my right decision that I made a year back. If you are interested in Management sector, PSS in the appropriate place to get theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in the related fields.

Ena Gurung
Grade XI Management Topper 2074 (3.85 GPA)

PSS provides wide range of scholarship schemes. It has played an important role to enhance students education providing special scholarship schemes. I found myself lucky to enjoy the scholarship in Science faculty. I consider myself fortunate having an opportunity to study in the town’s best school. So, I advise you to take advantages from such facilities of PSS by being a part of it.

Yashwinder Singh
Grade Xl, Science Topper 2074 (3.90 GPA)