Basic & Secondary (Grade 1 to 10)

Elementary or Basic School has been categorized for primary education. It generally includes the children of 5 to 6 years to 11 to 13 years by their age. It is preceded by some form of preschool or Montessori school and followed by the secondary education. While categorizing this section according to class level, it includes the classes from Class 1 to Class 8.

Considering this fact, we have managed the primary section (primary and upper primary) with well-equipped classrooms. We always concern with the comfortable and effective learning environment so that the children can learn in a student-friendly and social environment. We provide them well-equipped e-library, Internet facilities, overhead projector tutorials, science lab practice and many more. We don’t believe only on the bookish knowledge; rather we believe on the practical and social knowledge. So, we have dance teachers and sport teachers to create a sportsmanship within every child. We also provide them excursion (outing) for the outside knowledge and refreshment.