About us

Pashchimanchal Higher Secondary School, an educational institute established in 2049 B.S. with an aim to make Pokhara a center of quality education has been running +2 in various streams with qualified, highly intellectual, competitive and experienced faculty members since 2060 B.S. With its unique mission, vision and dream of quality education, this school has been successful generating student friendly teaching-learning environment and imparting quality education, discipline, moral value and competency in students through professionally devoted teachers. Applying appropriate modern materials for teaching, identifying and boosting up extra-curricular geniuses and providing them proper guidance are our approaches of imparting education.

School students in morning assembly

This school is located at the center of Pokhara, a naturally beautiful valley and relatively calm city. Analogically, we have been committed to produce academically beautiful, diligent, responsible and result-oriented manpower for our nation. With this motto, we have had ceaseless effort. When you read our +2 level academic history of last fourteen years in management and half decade in Science. You would certainly find our products having made remarkable contribution to our society and nation. Therefore, we would like to share our pleasure with you at this moment for we are proud of our ex-students and grateful to their parents!