Message from Academic Counselor

It is my great pleasure, as a newly appointed Academic Counselor and a proud alumnus of Pashchimanchal Secondary School (PSS), to welcome you all at PSS Pokhara for new academic year 2076. Founded more than 27 years ago, PSS is producing an outstanding fleet of young professionals in almost all fields of expertise. From its inception, PSS has envisioned to become the center of academic excellence which goes much deeper than formal education framework. The real measure of its excellence can be seen through the achievement of its students. The PSS alumni are spreading across all over the world engaged in professions of wide range disciplines. The tradition of excellence in PSS is further intensifying in the course of time. PSS is also becoming more and more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the students and society. Our PSS family is enormously benefitted by the wide range of perspectives and talents brought in by the students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds.

I would like to emphasize that more than just preparing for a career, PSS strives towards inculcation of open-mindedness and scientific temper in students. I look forward to interact and work with students and parents in upcoming years to come during and beyond school life.

Dr. Kapil Adhikari
Academic Counselor